The Graft Network is a retail-oriented payment blockchain and a decentralized alternative payment processing network that brings cryptocurrency to the point of sale and beyond. The Graft Community is a large group of investors, traders, crypto miners and entrepreneurs who have taken the initiative to raise funds and promote the opportunities available by using GRFT as an alternative currency. Presently we are exploring the following various promotional activities:

  • Exchange listings
  • Popular multi-currency wallet listings
  • Digital and physical advertisement campaigns
  • Merchant on-boarding campaigns
  • Graft ATMs
  • To be continued

We are looking for other enthusiastic professionals to join our volunteer community. You can make donations directly to our fund, share a portion of your rewards at our mining pool, or promote Graft with your unique talents. Please contact a Keyholder or Cryptopher Talken to learn more. We are a democratic organization that votes on how funds will be acquired and spent. All GRFT funds are held in a transparent wallet and regularly converted to BTC for multi-sig cold storage. We will always be transparent with our active campaigns and expenses with regular announcements on all Graft related social media platforms. Graft Community members who offer sizable or continual contributions via mining or donations will be invited into the core voting group.


Jason (AKA Jagerman)

Pool Operator

Active Graft community member; donation pool operator; maintainer of graft pool list and community block explorer; Graft miner, holder, and enthusiast.


Graft Community Manager

Donation pool miner and GRAFT Community Manager. All-in on GRAFT.

Mr. Coins


Some say he is a god, most consider him simply a very wealthy European man. Graft investor and community mascot.